Theme & Sections ⇣

Who designs, and for whom we design: The Human
In the past decades, we got used to ever evolving technology – it became a part of our everyday life. But is it for our sake?

In the five sections during the one-week-long workshop, we will discuss and process the matters of human-object interaction in the areas of design from products to eco-architecture. During our work, as a sequel of our traditions, we use and include local knowledge for global solutions and vice versa.

The workshop ends with a presentation of the work done during the week. The works will also be published and presented at an Exhibition in the 2014 Budapest Design Week in October.


Design Stories
Fanni Csernátony Product Designer
Panni Pais Product Designer

Every objects has its own story, but does every story has an object? What method can we use to map stories, how can we get inspired and design using them? What is the connection between function and storytelling? How can we build a system of such?
Beyond Senses
Tamás Fejér Product Designer
Philips Innovation Site
Vanda Kovács Interaction Design Student
TU Delft

The conncetion of objects and bodies – what kinds of products can we design to maintain our health? How does an object percieve people? The cooperation of human and machine sensors.
Emotion on Screen
Márk Selján Freelance 3D artist
and product designer
Bálint Ferenczi UX Designer
Mito Europe

Can a machine sense or measure human feelings? What tools and possibilites we have to make products that are emotional partners of their users? Would it be right if our products had feelings?
Body Covering
Szofi Boncsér Fashion Designer
Kata Font Interior designer
Kinnarps Hungary

Fashion: something that shapes our body. Where does our body end and where does fashion start? Do we design clothes, or do we redesign ourselves? Interaction between concept, materials, function and form.
Humanistic Architecture
Tímea Molnár Architect
Zsolt Alexa Architect

The humanistic rethinking of Nagyrécse’s architecture means to, united with the surrounding settlements, as a center for the municipal association, include local producers and industrialists to a mentally and phisically wider, richer environment. The goal of this section is to arrange and to give architectural scale forms for development opportunities.

Fees & Payment

Full time fee: €150
Daily fee(if staying less than 5 days): €30

Includes accomodation at workshop site, participation in workshop programs, 3 meals per day during the workshop.

The workshop is sponsored by the National Cultural Fund of Hungary, and the Municipality of Nagyrécse. Total cost would be €400. Extra costs may appear during the workshop for beverages, snacks etc. Individually arranged travel from Budapest costs approx. €35

Once your application is accepted, you will receive a confirmation mail, then you will need to transfer the participation fee (€150) until 31st July 2014. Apply now!

Location & Accomodation ⇣

This year the workshop is located in Kendlimajor Art Camp in Kisrécse, Hungary.
9. Kossuth Lajos utca
Kisrécse, Hungary
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Participants are accomodated in two-bed rooms with own bathrooms. Lectures take place in the Atelier of the Workshop. Section work takes place either in Art Camp area or on sight in the village of Kisrécse and Nagyrécse.

Breakfast and Dinner is made locally, lunch is ordered from nearby restaurants.

Schedule ⇣

The professional program of the workshop consists of lectures and section work. Sections are led by young, ambitious design professionals.

Weekly schedule

Portfolio introduction
Sections intro and selection
Sections kickoff
Section work
Section work
Section work
Mid-week presentation
Section work
Section work
Final presentation
Head back to Budapest

Daily schedule

Morning section work
Afternoon section work

Roots ⇣

Founded in 1978, Zsennye Workshop was the first international design workshop in the Eastern Block.
Sustainability and the social responsibility of designers have been fundamental topics in Zsennye ever since.

Since 1978, 500 designers from 35 countries and 3 continents participated in the workshop.

About Us ⇣


L. Péter Molnár Industrial designer @ Maform
Kata Font Furniture designer @ Kinnarps Hungary
Vanda Kovács Product designer
Tamás Fejér Product designer @ Philips Innovation Site
Bálint Ferenczi UX designer @ Mito Europe
Fanni Csernátony Product designer
DLA József Zalavári Industrial Designer, Master professor of BUTE
DLA Habil Péter Lelkes Industrial Designer, Head of the foundation curatory.
Hungarian Design Cultural Foundation The Hungarian Design Cultural Foundation is a non-profit organisation organising common professional programs for designers and designer students. That helps them to keep in touch and to improve their skills. Moreover, the social union and international potentiality of the profession could develop. The founding members of the Summer Design Workshop regard the International Design Workshop in Zsennye as its intellectual predecessor and its predecessor of title.


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