Cannabigerol – the new talent of the young hemp plant.

What do we know so far about the cannabinoid CBG and what potential does it have? CBG is mainly found in young, immature cannabis plants and is present in low concentrations in most hemp varieties. It is non-psychoactive and in Germany is mostly available legally in the form of CBG oil and CBG capsules.

CBG is more or less a precursor of CBD, which, simply put, is formed from CBG acid and CBGA and only converts to CBD when exposed to heat or UV light. It is all the more surprising that CBG has led such a shady existence. Recently, however, studies have begun that suggest, at the very least, that CBG may have long-lasting beneficial and even, in some cases, therapeutic properties. Generally speaking, the range of action of cannabigerol (CBG) and cannabidiol (CBD) appears to be quite similar. Given the current state of knowledge, CBG is often said to be even more potent.

It may have positive effects on sleep, anxiety and stress. Initial results suggest that it calms and relaxes, optimises skin appearance and helps reduce inflammation thanks to its antioxidant properties. Another finding in this context: early studies in the 1990s reportedly found that it can reduce intraocular pressure and may be useful in cases of nausea.

Cannabigerol – a gift from mother nature in any form.

CBG, like CBD, is available in many different dosage forms. The most popular form is CBG oil.

Good to know: the price of CBG oils is usually a little higher than CBD oils, as cannabigerol is generally less concentrated in the plants and a little more difficult to extract. But even if it costs a little more: it’s worth looking out for top quality and choosing products from the best manufacturers. Detailed analyses and certifications ensure that the entire production chain, from growing to bottling, meets the highest standards. Drinks from leading brand manufacturers are also of the highest quality. If you’re looking to buy cannabigerol, don’t be put off by the bitter taste – CBG is basically slightly more bitter tasting than CBD. However, tolerance is very good and side effects are negligible.


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